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Conversation with Freddie Williams II

CGS: Episode 174 (August 31, 2006)

In one year he went from fanboy to Robin artist. Meet Freddie Williams II. He's one of DC's newest go-to guys and he's eager to do it. Freddie fills us in on his personal story as well as his art techniques. Can you say digital comics? Listen in for a fascinating discussion on the future of comic art production. (1:34:10)

(00:22) Sponsor
the Damned by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt.

(01:48) Interview
With current Robin artist, Freddie Williams II.

(03:47) On his earliest comic reading, working digitally and what that
means in terms of reselling original art.
(20:23) On his recent marriage and wanting to work specifically in
(32:15) On digital comics and the future of inkers and inking.
(44:01) On Robin, working at DC and with writer Adam Beechen and his
other full time job.

(57:55) Stump the Rios
Sponsored by Atomika: God is Red. Submitted by Lord Shaper.

(1:08:11) Important Comic Dates
For August.

(1:22:21) Voice Mail
On Episode 150.

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On Episode 174

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