Podcast Title

Indie Spotlight

CGS: Episode 673 (August 13, 2009)

The Black Coat, Dr. Who and the new CGS Anthology fill this episode of indie comic goodness. Also, Pants is let loose at Wizard World Chicago! (1:52:36)

We talk with the creators of three upcoming indie titles as well as listen to various interviews conducted by Pants from the con floor of the recent Wizard World Chicago:

(05:29) Ben Lichius, writer on the Black Coat:...Or Give Me Death (Ape)

(31:26) Pants talks to Steve Bryant; also, Andy Price.

(44:00) Charlie Kirchoff, writer/color artist on Dr. Who: Black Death/White Life (IDW)

(1:02:37) Pants talks to Dave Wachter, Andy Jewett and Pat Loika of Dial R Studios; also Jay and Drew Sternitzky of Short-Stack: Tales of a Super-Human Plumber.

(1:12:02) Eric "Geeky White Guy" White, editor on the new CGS Anthology 3

(1:33:22) Pants talks to Mike Norton and Martheus Wade; also, Mark Texeira; and a recap of the show with Pants' friend Chris.