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CGS: Episode 688 (September 11, 2009)

Zack Kruse, creator of The Contingent and happy DCBS employee joins us to look at this month's Previews. A quick chat with Chad Kinkle, writer of the upcoming Harpe graphic novel. Also, a bunch of Batman-related voicemails. (2:00:13)

(02:16) PREVIEWS
With the help of Zack Kruse, writer of the Contingent and the Mystery Solved! webcomic, we dig into September Previews for comics shipping in November. And spliced in here and there, various voicemails all about Batman:

(10:36) Dark Horse
(15:34) Julian Lytle talks about Batman and Robin #3.
(18:16) DC
(31:12) AdrienVeidt on our recent Spotlight on Batman in the Dark Age episode.
(35:11) Image
(44:40) Flintlockjaw with more Batman Spotlight thoughts.
(49:03) Marvel
(1:02:36) more from Flintlockjaw.
(1:05:47) Other Publishers, solicitations from DCBS' First Light program and Zack gives us details for next year's new Summit City Comic Con!

We talk with writer Chad Kinkle about the Harpe: America's First Serial Killers graphic novel with art by Adam Shaw.

(1:52:33) STUMP THE RIOS
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