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CGS: Episode 945 (October 19, 2010)

Listener Kyle Minor joins us as we peruse the new Previews catalogue for comics mostly shipping in December. What are our picks of the month? We then talk with Matthew Petz about his War of the Woods digital release from ComiXology. It's a must see! (1:57:53)


(04:42) PREVIEWS
Listener Kyle Minor joins us to look at the October Previews for books shipping mostly in December:

(11:32) Dark Horse
(20:14) DC
(47:07) IDW

Submitted by Edward Wilfred.

(55:34) PROMOS
For the Star Joes Podcast.

(56:31) Image
(1:01:47) Marvel
(1:19:40) Other publishers including Arcana, Boom!, Archaia, 12 Gauge Comics, Oni, Top Shelf, Heavy Metal, Red 5 Comics and more.

(1:41:14) INTERVIEW
Matthew Petz joins us to talk about the digital release of War of the Woods from ComiXology.