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Scar Tissue Creative Team Interview

CGS: Episode 102 (February 6, 2006)

Ronin Studios is an up-and-coming publishing umbrella, and Scar Tissue is one their books. We spoke with Jim and Dave, the creative team on the book. Listen in to hear just what the famous Citizen Dave has to say about comics. (1:30:08)

(00:40) Sponsor
Crazee Comics and their NY Comic Con Indy After Party.

(02:30) CGS News
Bryan has a very cool announcement. You gotta hear it for yourself.

(05:30) Quarters in the Jar
Frank Castle and David Beard send postcards; Brian Miller of Hifi Design sends a magic notepad for New Year's.

(07:30) Contest
Congratulations to JLAfan for winning the On the Toy Diarama Contest. He'll get the Rainbow Connection Kermit grand prize. The runners up are:

yexel - Star Wars Target Shadowtrooper
mrpink1887 - F4, Hulk, Thor Heroclix
darthryan - variant #6 red Shocktrooper
maximglory - Hunter/Prey Superman/Doomsday two-pack
iamhannah - cyberlink Batman/Superman two-pack
john mayo - 2 two-packs of Star Wars Micromachines X-Ray versions.
sithlord - 2 two-packs Star Wars Micromachines.
rebis - Marvel Legends Cyclops variant X-Factor costume
brebo - F4 movie Invisible Woman all-clear variant
webhead - Star Trek Tapestry Captain Picard
glenn - Mr. Sinister Marvel Legends figure
carhunt - animated Robin figure cold costume version
justbill - Avengers cartoon Wasp

(12:16) World of Toys
Palisades Toys is closing its doors after 11 years.

(14:34) Contest con't
The five winners of the VS Art Contest have been chosen. Fantastic Four starter decks will go to GreenSkeleton, jstevens, iacon, chewieofborg, and seraphyn. Thanks to everyone who entered!

(23:40) Interview
Writer Jim Clark and artist Dave Wachter join us for a look at their self-published comic Scar Tissue from Ronin Studios.

(25:48) On how they started reading comics and how they got together
through Ronin Studios.
(42:35) On the inspiration behind the story and how Ronin Studios
(55:21) On the format and future of Scar Tissue and fan reactions.
(1:01:52) On Dave's artistic influences, the coloring and their upcoming
convention appearances.
(1:17:46) The wrap-up.

(1:22:37) Stump the Rios
Submitted by Michael Bies.

(1:26:10) Year in Comics Review 2005
by Geoff Klock.

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