Podcast Title

Off the Rack Reviews: Top Shelf

CGS: Episode 63 (October 6, 2005)

We review several graphic novels from Top Shelf Publications and we continue our look at DC events, this time on DC One Million with Geoff Klock and Underworld Unleashed! (1:18:18)

(01:26) Off the Rack
A special look at several graphic novels from Top Shelf Productions.

(03:08) the King by Rich Koslowski
(10:02) Tricked by Alex Robinson
(13:59) On Top Shelf's amazing book design for each graphic novel and
a brief look at the company.
(21:31) Spiral Bound by Aaron Renier
(27:39) Owly by Andy Runton
(29:09) Less Than Heroes by David Yurkovich
(30:52) AEIOU by Jeffrey Brown

(34:24) CGS Countdown to Infinite Crisis

(36:10) DC One Million ('98) with special guest Geoff Klock.
(57:54) Underworld Unleashed ('95) with special guest Adam Murdough.

(1:08:24) Stump the Rios
Submitted by John Romps in Falls Church, VA.

(1:12:02) Interview
Special Call-In Guest: Bryan's Mom!

(1:13:09) Off the Rack con't
Surrogates #1 (of 5) by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele