Podcast Title

Conversation with Geoff Klock

CGS: Episode 45 (August 11, 2005)

Interview with Geoff Klock, author of How to Read Superhero Comics and Why? (1:06:24)

(01:46) Quarters in the Jar
Listener emails from Andreas Shuster of Germany; and Tedman.

(04:47) Interview
Geoff Klock, author of How to Read Superhero Comics and Why?

(05:18) His background and education and the inspiration for How to
(09:13) On Continuity and how he first got into reading comics.
(15:06) On Marvel's the Ultimates, Grant Morrison and the future of
(24:13) On All-Star Superman, Planetary and comic shops in England.
(26:53) On Crisis on Infinite Earths and what Geoff is currently reading.
(36:27) Where to get his book, on Morrison's New X-Men run and the

(40:18) Stump the Rios
With help from Geoff Klock, British themed-submission by Tony Heldt of London England.

(44:44) Comics Talk
Spurred by Geoff Klock, the Speakers of Geek continue the conversation on Planetary, "writing for the trade" and month to month reading vs waiting for the trade.

(55:21) Comics Talk con't
A look at why people are misunderstanding the premise behind DC's All Star and Classified lines and continuity.

(1:01:18) CGS News
Brief thoughts on why we love our Board compared to other internet boards.

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the Futurist