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CGS: Episode 694 (September 23, 2009)

The big news this week is Jack Kirby's estate wants a piece of the Marvel/Disney deal. Joining us to help figure it all out is legal expert, Joe Sergi. Plus some other random comic talk. (1:19:00)

(02:05) COMIC TALK
Helping us to talk about the new lawsuit between the heirs of Jack Kirby and Disney/Marvel is Joe "Justice" Sergi, prosecutor by day, comic fan by night.

Sponsored by Comic Break, submitted by Daniel "Grayson" Gibson.

(50:15) OFF THE RACK
Jamie takes a look at the Incredibles (Boom!).

Listener emails from Terry Mitchell on Pittsburgh Comicon; Jason "jovial1" Wright on Simpsons comics; Blair Campbell in Canada asks us about our all-time favorite dialogue writers; Kyle McMahan on Rulk; Alex Martin on the UK comics scene; Robert "buddah2099" Brooks on the Marla Bea Benefit Comic Book Art Auction for Breast Cancer Awareness; and Sarah/Suffering Sappho on our favorite TV geek moments.

(1:10:08) CGS MAILBAG
Some shout-outs to some fine product we've received in the mail including Marvel Comics in the 60s by Pierre Comtois (TwoMorrows); some comics from listener Ray Long in California; stamps from Kyle Minor; and more.

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