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Previews with Mike Norton

CGS: Episode 725 (November 9, 2009)

DC artist, Mike Norton, joins us to go through this month's Previews catalogue. We also talk with Super Real Graphic's Jason Martin about his upcoming collection. Lots of good stuff this month, get your credit card ready! (1:40:30)

(02:18) PREVIEWS
With the help of artist and creator Mike Norton we dig into the November Diamond Previews for comics mostly shipping in January 2010:

(03:11) Dark Horse
(09:59) DC
(33:52) Image
(38:19) Marvel
(51:30) Lord Shaper calls in to plug Titanium Rain Double Size 2 (Archaia).
(53:10) Other Publishers

(1:19:48) PROMO
for the Vworpcast Dr. Who podcast by color artist and writer Charlie Kirchoff.

(1:22:57) CGS NEWS
New Super Show guests; and we pick a few more winners in the Early Bird Super Show Ticket Contest. Buy your tickets!

We chat with Jason Martin about the Super Real Graphic Novel collecting the entire series plus new material solicited this month!